Unlock the secrets of online lead conversion
Do you have the resources you need to fill your sales funnel with a great return?
Online leads can be one of the most fruitful and cost-effective sources of new business. Most agents however struggle with converting these leads. The National Association of REALTORS® reports an industry average close rate of 0.4-1.2%, but you can aim higher.

A well-executed online lead conversion system can yield a 4-6% close rate or more, offering you an excellent return on investment. Online leads help you create new opportunities at the top of your sales funnel and provide downstream opportunities for repeat and referral business. 

This playbook is designed to help you aim higher in your lead management execution to convert and close more opportunities, and build your business.
You can aim higher
What you’ll learn in our Playbook to
Build Your Business with Online Leads:
How to fill your sales funnel with opportunities
Identify ways to generate leads online, both paid and unpaid, and how to start with the best quality leads before you invest.

How to nurture your online leads to build trust
Discover how to tap into the critical decision-making period before your lead is ready to engage an expert and position yourself as the agent of choice. 

How systematized lead management is the key to conversion
Learn the three critical steps to improve your conversion opportunity and how to automate your effort to create a client for life.
You can grow your business with online leads. Royal LePage offers you multiple opportunities to fill your sales funnel and convert your leads with the industry’s most comprehensive and best performing online lead solution. It’s another reason why more than 19,000 real estate sales professionals are already a part of the Royal LePage family.

Download our Playbook to Build Your Business with Online Leads and talk to your local broker to learn more about growing your business with Royal LePage.
In the past 60 days, I’ve had 6 deals from Royal LePage leads, and there’s even more deals in the pipe! I’ve had a lot of experience with different online lead sources and they are the strongest leads I’ve ever worked with. These leads are responsive and serious, and backed by winning strategies with rlpSPHERE’s automated nurturing. Royal LePage makes closing leads easy.
Shaheen Zareh, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Regina Realty
Megan Walsh, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Vision Realty
My income has grown by over 500% since joining Royal LePage from another leading brand less than three years ago. rlpSPHERE flipped a switch in my business, and together with all the leads Royal LePage generates for me, my pipeline is healthier than ever. I use its social media tools to promote my listings and can apply unique tactics to generate even more leads. Automated campaigns nurture every lead and I particularly love the Client-for-Life campaign for repeat and referral benefits. Royal LePage tools have helped me build my business and gain momentum in my career.
Carlo De Castris, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Royal City Realty, Brokerage
rlpSPHERE has helped to double my business and delivered greater work-life balance at the same time. By focusing on my funnel, I've found new ways to generate leads, engage contacts, nurture business, and focus work on my current clients and my best opportunities. New tools are regularly added to mine additional opportunities and to showcase my value and expertise. The system automates the heavy lifting of pulling my leads and contacts through the funnel, saving me time so I can be more productive in business and in life.
Are you frustrated by the challenge of generating or converting new business? We can help!
Your ability to fill and convert your sales funnel is limited without the right knowledge, systems, technologies and resources.

At Royal LePage, you have access to the industry’s most comprehensive and best performing online lead solution.
Canada’s #1 real estate company website, royallepage.ca, generates over 500,000 client leads annually when combined with the customizable websites we optimize for every agent. You can augment this powerful lead pipeline with our platform technology, rlpSPHERE, where you can access unlimited squeeze and landing pages, automate posting your new listings to social media, and leverage a sign-in app that engages your visitors after the open house - all at no additional cost.

Amplify your lead generation with access to paid resources that include a website messenger bot, ads to boost your listings on social media, and Google and Facebook advertising and retargeting. Royal LePage makes it easy for you to fill your sales funnel with a proven, cost-effective return.
Lead generation powerhouse
rlpSPHERE includes a Smart CRM that nurtures your leads automatically with professionally written and designed, fully compliant campaigns proven to convert. Or, you can create your own unique campaigns for each type of lead from any lead source.

You optimize the opportunity of quick and consistent follow up and get prompted to reach out at the right intervals - all at no additional cost. If you get too busy, access services to have real humans follow up with your leads. Royal LePage helps you leverage resources and technologies that make you more productive.
Automated lead nurturing
Effortless lead conversion
The AI-powered Smart CRM delivers value and builds trust before your lead is ready to engage an expert. Automated listing alerts and market reports make sure your leads have the critical information they desire while rlpSPHERE technology tracks their engagement with your website and nurturing campaigns.

Behavioural automation engages your leads even further and ranks each lead’s conversion potential based on their unique activity. With your best lead-converting opportunities surfaced, you focus your efforts for the greatest return. Royal LePage builds your business with industry-leading technology that effortlessly positions you as the agent of choice.
Optimize your performance
Business analytics in rlpSPHERE track your pipeline, share where and when your contacts engage, rank your conversion opportunities, provide insight on your performance, and deliver the intelligence you need to make informed business decisions.

Online lead conversion is just the beginning of what rlpSPHERE technology can do to build your business. It aggregates and nurtures your leads from any source and enables you to manage your funnel, optimize your database, market your listings, promote your business, integrate MLS® data and brokerage systems, and leverage vital business intelligence – all in a single platform and all at no additional cost. Royal LePage invests in you so you can aim higher and achieve your true potential.
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